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Management Policy Statement

Passion for Empowerment & Recognition

Management Policy Statement

We, at QFS Management Systems LLP, are committed to provide independent management systems assessment services to the business community that leads to the confidence in certification and self to operate globally.

We are also committed to enhance value addition through regular assessment, and by adapting the requirements of accreditation board(s).

QFS Management Systems LLP is an entity relying upon the input from accreditation bodies, clients, the advisory board and the internal personnel to enable continual improvement with relevance to all its stake holders.

QFS Management Systems LLP is committed to keep all specific information confidential, which is not publicly available.

Impartiality Policy

One of QFS core values and also a key element to our Code of Ethics, is impartiality. It is therefore essential for QFS to manage any potential conflict of interest to safeguard the impartiality of QFS audit and certifications services rendered. We will work strictly impartial.

This is in order to protect QFS objectivity and brand, ensure customer satisfaction and comply with the rules of accreditation and regulatory bodies. QFS has defined and maintains a strict impartiality policy and monitors this closely through both internal impartiality committees.


To train and utilize highly capable staff to provide valuable services to audit its clients to achieve international recognition and acceptance through the standards of quality management system.

To implement and maintain the established documents for the satisfaction of clients towards the services provided by QFS by ensuring no major nonconformity(severe type) is observed by the accreditation boards.

To provide timely services through completion of process of decision on Certificaiton at QFS within 90 days from the receipt of application.

To ensure accreditation activities are conducted as per the requirements of ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015.

Code of Ethics

QFS is committed to adhere to the highest level of ethical conducts . QFS Compliance Dept. is dedicated to share the code of ethics principles within the organization by assuring that every employee understands the importance of behaving and exhibiting highest level of responsibility, Fairness & Openness are the main area of focus .


We provide professional assessment services which Organization need to comply with the International Management system standards, We believe in certification services with a partnership approach. Building & sustaining a positive &supportive relationship with our clients is at the heart of our working principle. We provide the skills & advice that Organizations need to complete projects & to effectively implement standardization in the respective organizations


At QFS, we equip our clients with the knowledge & tools necessary to unleash their full potential & to enable them to envision the fulfillment of their Business aspirations.