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ISO 45001

ISO 45001

Every day across the world, horrific statistics for health and safety incidents, accidents and their related costs are measured. Although organizations tend to use generic health and safety standards, none demonstrate global conformity.ISO 45001 is designed to help companies implement a model that identifies and controls health and safety risks, minimize potential accidents, aids legislative compliance and increases overall performance. ISO 45001 will support new areas of management systems to ensure better compatibility and systems governance, making the implementation within an organization a lot smoother.

Once published, the standard will apply to any organization wishing to

  • Establish and implement an internationally recognized occupational health and safety management system to reduce or minimize risks to personnel and other relevant parties
  • Maintain and constantly improve their health and safety performance
  • Keep all operations in line with their stated health and safety policies to an internationally recognized stand


  • Date made : July 2012
  • Date Enforced: August 2012